Production of ophthalmic lenses

Discover our types of ophthalmic lenses

Glass molds for organic lenses

Finished and semi-finished glass lenses

Crystals, neutral, colored, photochromic

Organic lenses in CR 39

CR 39 hardened organic lenses

Semi-finished lenses in CR 39



  • Surface treatment on organic material:
    • Anti-glare (Blue, Super hydrophobic)li>
    • Non-colorable HMC hardener
    • Mirroring

  • colors:
    • Colors (on uniform organic, on sample, on shaded sample, on uniform mineral, shaded mineral.
    • Discoloration (at customer's risk)
    • Bicolor (only on organic lenses)
    • Uniform
    • Degrading

  • Works:
    • Occlusal lenses (glass and organic)
    • Equal weight balance
    • Opalized surface
    • Biconvex / concave plane convex / concave
    • Cut edge
    • ovalization
    • Decentralization
    • Thick nylor and glasant
    • And also: Construction out of limits (on estimate), cancellation of decentralization, negative lens flattening, special basic supplement